Shotguns Luxury

Hand-made by master gunsmiths, these high-performance, functional, yet refined shotguns bear all the distinctive features of Italian gun-making expertise.

These wonderful shotguns can be fully customized, from special engravings to particular stock casts, shapes or dimensions and different barrel lengths. The receivers, with their hand-finished engravings, have proportionately sized according to the different gauges, in order to meet specific ballistic and mechanic requirements, and achieve a perfect balance. This luxury line includes four models: the 700 series, with gold ribbon inlay on color case hardened frames; the JUBILEE 900-902, with beautiful engravings of hunting scenes on a slender-profile action; PATHOS, with hand-made inlays on a classic, rounded, bright black action and PATHOS XLIGHT® with Ergal action. At last the new “ANNIVERSARIO” model, produced in 2021 on our 50th Anniversary since the F.A.I.R.®. foundation. 

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