SLX600 Goose Camo
  • Proof Steel Shot
  • Technichoke
  • X-Cones

The SLX 692 GOLD features elevated wood, finish, and engraving attention, to include fine-pitch laser checkering and a small brass oval inlayed into the stock for engraving of the owner’s initials.

A versatile shotgun, the SLX 692 is available in 12, 20, 28, and 410, is steel shot proofed in 12 and 20 gauges, and is produced in three different frame sizes to best match the bore. The SLX 692 comes standard with ejectors, a single selective golden trigger, and TECHNICHOKE XP50 interchangeable choke tubes. Additionally, models on the 20ga frame can be fitted with additional barrels in 28ga and 410 bore.

Model Gauge Chamber Barrel Chokes System Stock Weight LB Packaging
SLX692 Gold 12, 20 3" 26 3/4, 28", 30" TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 14.5" 6.944553 / 6.283167 Box