Jubilee Prestige Luxury Over Under Shotgun

SLX600 Goose Camo

JUBILEE: F.A.I.R.®’s line of luxury over-and-under shotguns. Our master gunsmiths’ care and skill make these guns the pride of our company. These guns are available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410, with actions specifically designed for each (410 is made on a 28 gauge action). JUBILEE models have selected English walnut stocks, fine-pitch checkering, polished oil finishing and long trigger guards. Custom finishing is available on request. Laser engravings are hand finished. The JUBILEE 902 model features long profile side plates without screws, offering a large surface for engraving. Engraved subjects range from traditional hunting scenes to artistic decorative features. Like all JUBILEE versions, the frame of these two luxury models has a protruding profile and interchangeable convex hinge pins. These guns are delivered with an elegant ABS case (mod.V500L).

JUBILEE PRESTIGE models carry long side plates and are available in three variants: JUBILEE PRESTIGE with classic chromed finish, JUBILEE PRESTIGE TARTARUGA GOLD, with casehardened action and five gold plated engravings, and JUBILEE PRESTIGE XLIGHT, in nickel plated aluminum for exceptionally light weight. PRESTIGE JUBILEE models are delivered in elegant thermoformed cases (art. V500SP).

Model Gauge Chamber Barrel Chokes System Stock Weight LB Packaging
Jubilee Prestige 12, 20 3" 26 3/4, 28", 30" TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 14.5" 7.054784 / 6.393398 V500SP
Jubilee Prestige 16, 28, 410 2 3/4", 3"(410 only) 26 3/4, 28", 30" TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 14.5" 6.503629 / 6.283167 V500SP

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