Field Pistol

  • The 7.5 FK Field Pistol concept is based on the following general criteria :

    A double stack magazine fed automatic pistol, with general dimensions and weight similar to current standard issue military pistols.

    Proprietary cartridge and projectile having a proven effective range in terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics of at least 100 meters (110 yards) against targets that weight up to 150 kg (330 lbs) while maintaining low recoil and controllability.

    Single hand use ability.

    Rapid acquisition sight system that does not require adjustment within the range spectrum.

    Length:240 mm  (9.5”)
    Width:25.5 mm  (1”)
    Height:136 mm without sight  (5.3”)
    143 mm with Butterfly Sight  (5.6”)
    Weight:1300 g  (46 oz)
    Magazine capacity:15 +1
    Finnish/color:Nitridation / Dark Gray
    Finnish/color life:30+ hours salt spray bath
    Action:Single action
    Barrel length:152 mm (6”)
    Match use-barrel life:20,000 rounds
    Normal use-barrel life:30,000 rounds
    Grip material:Aluminum
    Grip design:Rounded and squared back versions
    Sights:FK BRNO Butterfly Sight®
    Three-Point Target Sight is adjustable for windage
    and the front sight is pre-adjusted for elevation
    Accuracy:Guaranteed to shoot less than 100x100 mm rectangle at 100m


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