Our History

Our History

The Sabatti family has always been a very active part of the gun making history of the region. Over the centuries members of the Sabatti family have successfully devoted their lives to perfecting one or more gun making techniques faring the political turmoil of the last centuries.

It was in the early 1700s that Mr. Ludovico Sabatti (1674-1745) was busy producing flint pistols as well as excellent barrels. Just a few years later between 1760 and 1815, Giuseppe Sabatti became known as a very good pistol maker working in Gardone Val Trompia. Another Giuseppe Sabatti was regarded as one of the best Damascus barrel maker in the first half of the 19th Century. He “boiled” barrels (boiling was an incandescent welding forging process).

The family seemed to gravitate more towards lock making over the years. As a matter of fact, when the temporary Government of Brescia asked the lock makers in the Val Trompia region to defend their land not with “their blood but their work”, four out of ten lock makers there were actually members of the Sabatti family. In the same time frame documents report of a Master barrel maker named Domenico Sabatti and a pistol maker named Giovanni Sabatti – the latter worked from 1840 to 1880 circa. Many members of the extended Sabatti family became respected in the gun making trade and started either their individual workshops or joined forces with others and opened companies that are still operating today.

It is immediately after World War II (1946) that Antonio Sabatti entered in partnership with Giuseppe Tanfoglio and gave a strong, fresh push to the production of hunting firearm components in general and locks in particular. Around 1956 the two partners started manufacturing automatic pistols for personal defense. Four years later they decided to go their own separate way and dissolve the partnership.

Afterwards, in 1960, Antonio Sabatti’s children founded a new company that has been growing ever since and has become extremely respected among sporting gun makers the world over. At present times, Antonio Sabatti’s children - Emanuele, Antonio and Marco – are still successfully manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns and perfecting them to better meet the expectation of increasingly demanding hunters and shooters internationally.