About IFG

About Italian Firearms Group

Italian Firearms Group (IFG), established in 2010, combines four of Italy’s most highly respected gunmakers: F.A.I.R., Sabatti, Pedersoli, and FT Italia.

Each company represents at least one of the four primary categories of firearms manufacturing: competition handguns, hunting rifles, sporting shotguns, and historical recreations. They bring the latest in firearm design, technology and materials to the United States while continuing to follow the centuries-old gun manufacturing traditions of Italy. Those traditions have always emphasized quality, accuracy, workmanship and beauty. The IFG companies are all leaders in each category and are proud to offer their firearms to the American market.

As of May 2014, IFG has begun construction on a new warehousing and distribution center in Amarillo, Texas. The investment in a stand alone facility for IFG products and services was considered essential in order to best serve the American Marketplace with appropriate levels of customer service. Having product in the United States as well as having accurate, timely shipping of merchandise remains priority to the IFG Companies.


Since its creation in 1971, F.A.I.R has been committed to an intensive Research and Development program and to the use of the latest technology and materials in the manufacturing of its shotguns. This focus on technical innovation, while still following the centuries old gun manufacturing traditions of Northern Italy, is a key element of their success in creating functional and highly reliable sports and hunting shotguns.

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The Sabatti family has played an important role in the Italian firearm industry since the early 1700’s. Located in Northern Italy, in a region renowned for its gun industry, we find members of the family excelling at different gun related crafts throughout the years.

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Davide Pedersoli produces the world’s best recreations of historically significant firearms from the 18th and 19th centuries. With a strong belief that gun replicas should be historically accurate, Pedersoli researches each gun it plans to reproduce to identify not only the characteristics of the firearm itself, but also the manufacturing traditions and mores of its time.

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