Sabatti Urban Sniper: Long Range Accuracy and Performance in A Compact Package

Imported exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG), Sabatti’s new Urban Sniper is designed for competition, precision and serious long-range shooters who want long distance capabilities in a shorter-length rifle. Shorter, thanks to a 20-inch long barrel designed with Sabatti’s revolutionary Multi-Radial Rifling (MMR)—the next generation in precision rifling.

For the last 400 years, Sabatti has produced shotguns and rifles for the most discerning hunters and target shooters worldwide. Now, IFG brings the Sabatti Urban Sniper to the American market for the first time, offering the rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win., using the highest-quality materials and latest shooting science.

Built with precise attention to detail, the Urban Sniper is designed around Sabatti’s proven, extremely stable two-lug bolt system, featuring a tactical handle with a removable knob. A match-grade trigger is standard. The 2o-inch, heavy-contour barrel is cold hammer forged, has a threaded muzzle (5/8x24 threads), and comes with a muzzle brake. The brake can be removed for a suppressor.

The Urban Sniper’s thumbhole stock is made of a tough, durable composite material for years of hard use in any conditions. Adjustable for length of pull and cheek height for a perfect fit, the stock is specifically designed for precision shooting, and accepts AICS patterned magazines.

For optics, the Urban Sniper is supplied with a one-piece Picatinny rail and also accepts standard, readily available Remington two-piece model 700 bases which can be easily mounted to the rifle’s receiver. The rifle also has a rail beneath the fore end for attaching a bi-pod and other accessories. The Urban Sniper is shipped in a hard case with one seven round magazine.
Inside the Urban Sniper’s barrel is one of the best-kept secrets in rifle building – Multi-Radial Rifling (MMR).

Instead of traditional lands and grooves, MRR employs two offset radiuses that impart the spin on the bullet. This process seals the bullet more perfectly to the bore, reducing stress on the projectile while producing less copper fouling, better accuracy, and increased muzzle velocity. The reduction in friction also produces longer barrel life and slower accuracy degradation over time.

Sabatti’s Urban Sniper is a moderately-priced, precision rifle for the growing long-range and precision shooter market.
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About Sabatti By no means a newcomer to the industry, Sabatti has been producing firearms for an amazing 400 years. Located in Gardone Val Trompia in northern Italy, the Sabatti family made their mark in the 1700’s by making flintlock pistols and rifle barrels. Today, Sabatti is still a family-run enterprise, manufacturing an impressive line of hunting, competition and tactical rifles, plus high-quality shotguns for hunters and competitors. Visit them at:

About Italian Firearms Group Established in 2010, the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) is the importer of four respected Italian firearms manufacturers: F.A.I.R.; Sabatti; Tanfoglio; and Pedersoli. Each gun maker produces at least one of the four primary categories of firearms manufacturing—competition handguns, hunting rifles, sporting shotguns, and historical recreations—combining European craftsmanship with cutting edge technological design and manufacturing. To better serve the American market with timely delivers and customer service, IFG’s headquarters, warehouse and distribution center are located in Amarillo, Texas. Dealer inquiries are welcome.