SLX600 Goose Camo
  • FX Wood
  • Proof Steel Shot
  • Technichoke
  • X-Cones

Featuring a steel frame in the standard SLX 800 and nickel plated ERGAL 55 aluminum alloy frame in the SLX 800 XLIGHT, this new series from F.A.I.R. is best defined as strong and sound, yet elegant and refined.

Featuring frames sized specifically to 12 or 20 gauge and with side reinforcements, SLX 800 is offered with long-stroke ejectors, golden selective single trigger, recoil pad, fiber optic bead, walnut stock with oil finishing, and fine-pitch Scottish type checkering. Delivered in an elegant thermoformed case (art. V500SP), with 7 TECHNICHOKE interchangeable choke tubes including 2 IN-OUT XP100 chokes, the SLX 800 is sure to satisfy.

Model Gauge Chamber Barrel Chokes System Stock Weight LB Packaging
SLX800 12, 20 3" 26 3/4, 28", 30" TC XP50 5 + 2 EJ-MS 14.5" 6.944553 / 6.283167 V500SP