SLX600 Goose Camo Over Under Shotgun

SLX600 Goose Camo
  • Proof Steel Shot
  • Soft Touch
  • Technichoke
  • X-Cones

Supplied with 11mm top ribs (STRADA), ventilated lateral ribs, fiber optic beads, and rubber recoil pads, the SLX 600 GOOSE and SLX 600 GOOSE CAMO are purpose-built waterfowling tools featuring 3” chambers as standard in both 12 and 20 gauges. Optionally, the 12 gauge versions can be ordered in SUPER MAGNUM configuration, featuring 3 ½” chambers for ultimate performance. Of course, these waterfowl specialty shotguns are steel shot proofed, and the CAMO version features SOFT TOUCH coating technology to not only conceal your location, but ensure adequate grip even when wet.

Model Gauge Chamber Barrel Chokes System Stock Weight LB Packaging
SLX600 Goose Camo 12, 20 3" 30" TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 14.5" 7.165015 / 7.71617 Box