SLX600 Goose Camo
  • FX Wood

As every double rifle lover knows, the manufacturing process of express guns remains even today very delicate, complicated, and mostly carried out by hand. For this reason, F.A.I.R.® employs specialized technicians with years of experience specifically in double barreled rifles. Available in four different configurations, all are based on 20 gauge receivers, making each reliable, elegant, and easy to handle. Quality barrel regulation being a paramount requirement in any double rifle, the barrels are regulated by hand with factory standards set at four shots, two from each barrel, grouping under 2” at 50 meters.  No easy feat, but surely an example of F.A.I.R.®’s commitment to excellence.

A noteworthy additional feature of the SAFARI is the ability to have a matching set of 20 gauge barrels fit to your receiver.

Bavarian-style extra-quality stocks are featured on the DE LUXE and PRESTIGE models, while the SAFARI FXW features FX-WOOD, an Optowood patent.

Model Gauge Chamber Barrel Chokes System Stock Weight LB Packaging
Safari FXW 8X57JRS-9.3X74R-30R Blaser30.06-270W-308W-243W-7X57R6.5X55-6.5X57R 21"/3" EXT-MF 14.5" 6.503629 Box

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