The F.A.I.R. Racing Prestige Sporting is Like an Old Friend

Article by Shotgun Life: In late March 2017, Shotgun Life visited Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini, or F.A.I.R. as we have come to know it, in Brescia Italy. Owner Luca Rizzini impressed us as a straightforward, unpretentious guy committed to manufacturing affordable wing and clays guns that would last for generations. Now back in our hometown of Thomasville, Georgia, we went to a sporting clays course to shoot a F.A.I.R. Racing Prestige Sporting over/under and discovered that in fact Mr. Rizzini has made good on his corporate


Sabatti- MRR® (Multi-Radial Rifling)

Multi-radial rifling system designed and introduced by Sabatti S.p.A. HIGHER BULLET SPEED IMPROVED GROUP CONCENTRATION REDUCED NUMBER OF FLIERS LESS COPPER DEPOSITS LESS CLEANING REQUIRED EASIER CLEANING WHEN NEEDED LESS BARREL WEAR Sabatti S.p.A. has designed and introduced a new precision rifling profile called MULTI-RADIAL (MRR®) with unique features over that of traditional rifling. The objective was to develop a rifling system with all the positives of the traditional type and none of the negatives. If you compare the TRADITIONAL RIFLING (pic. 1 below) with the POLYGONAL (pic. 2 below) and the MULTI-RADIAL ones (pic. 3 below), you will


Come see us at the 2017 DSC Convention

If you are in Dallas, Texas at the beginning of January, make sure to stop by the Dallas Convention Center for the 2017 Dallas Safari Club Adventure Show & Expo. The event will be held January 5th through 8th. If you make it, stop by our booth and check out the latest firearms from FAIR, Pedersoli, and Sabatti.